Industrial Clutch

Sintech offer original Industrial Clutch equipment which include a complete range of wet and dry running clutches and brakes for marine, mining and metal forming applications

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Industrial Clutch LKB Series


Industrial Clutch

The Model LKB brake is spring-set air or hydraulically released and can be provided with a wide range of torque capacities and release pressures by incorporating springs of different rates and quantities.

Brakes are designed with total attention given to maximizing ventilation for cool-running operation. Benefits include longer lining life, stable friction coefficients, and lower maintenance costs. All materials were selected and field-proven to provide the best available resistance to wear and thermal distress. Precision machining of all components ensures positive interchangeability of all mating parts.

Industrial Clutch

Industrial Clutch was established in 1930 in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, United States. They offer a complete range of “wet” and “dry” running clutches and brakes for marine, mining, and metal-forming applications. Of particular relevance to the South African market in 1980, they became the sole supplier to Bucyrus International (Caterpillar) and Joy Global (Komatsu) for all their dragline and rope-shovel brakes.

Over time, they have worked closely with both Caterpillar and Komatsu to further develop the brakes in service to improve both life and operation, thus improving productivity.

Sintech are able to provide the following :

  • Survey your existing brakes relative to the latest standard
  • Upgrade or replace where required
  • Provide new or service exchange units
  • Specify for new applications
  • Provide in-field inspection and service 24/7

Industrial Clutch

Industrial Clutch

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