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Enclosed Parking Service Brake for Mining Equipment

PT Tech’s A+ Hydraulic Brake continues to outperform the competition.

Since its introduction in 1999, this wet brake has come to be known as “The Brake That Lasts”. Its through shaft cooling dramatically increases its survivability. Through experience gained on other brake designs and in-house testing PT Tech quantified the difference between brakes with and without through shaft cooling.

This single brake performs two distinct functions: a spring-set Parking Brake and a master cylinder operated Service Brake for underground mining vehicles.


SL Series

PT Tech’s SL series is a friction torque limiter designed for standard torque and energy requirements for mining applications. This is an economical way to protect your expensive drive train from shockload damage, while allowing your equipment to continue to perform.

No resetting is required after shockloads occur and torques are pre-set by your design staff. PT Tech has other model torque limiters for applications requiring greater torque capacity within the same diameter as the SL series.

PT Tech SL Series

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